SPOT 4.0 Prioritization Process

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What’s Happening with Project Prioritization Right Now?

SPOT 4.0 is wrapping up with the release of the Draft STIP. SPOT 5.0 will be starting in the spring/summer of 2017!

What is the schedule of events concerning SPOT 4.0 and the French Broad River MPO? 

SPOT 4.0 has been completed and the results of the process have resulted in the Draft 2017-2027 State Transportation Improvement Program. The MPO’s Draft TIP will be out for public comment in the Spring, 2017.

For more information on projects submitted by the FBRMPO in the SPOT 4.0 process see:


Map of SPOT projects in the FBRMPO

FBRMPO SPOT 4.0 Prioritization Project List

  • The MPO assigns local input points which increase the final project score for projects in two of the three funding tiers. In the current prioritization cycle, the French Broad River MPO is allotted 1800 local input points for the Regional Impact category and 1800 local input points for the Division Needs category.

For more information on the FBRMPO prioritization methodology to assign local input points for SPOT 4.0 see:
FBRMPO SPOT 4.0 Prioritization Methodology

FBRMPO SPOT 4.0 Regional Impact Projects Local Input Point Allocation

FBRMPO SPOT 4.0 Division Needs Projects Local Input Point Allocation