Prioritization Subcommittee

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About the Prioritization Subcommittee

The MPO Prioritization Subcommittee was created by the FBRMPO Board in the spring of 2013 to develop SPOT (TIP) project prioritization and selection criteria recommendations.The Prioritization Subcommittee recommendations are reported to MPO TCC and the MPO Board for further discussion and adoption. The Prioritization Subcommittee meetings are open to the public. To be added to the Prioritization Subcommittee mailing list, contact

New bylaws for the Prioritization Subcommittee were adopted in November, 2015 and plan to take effect in April, 2016. The bylaws for the Prioritization Subcommittee can be found here.

Prioritization Subcommittee Membership

All members of the FBRMPO TCC and Board, as well as members from NCDOT, are welcome at Prioritization Subcommittee meetings as non-voting members. Their input in discussions at the subcommittee is welcomed and encouraged. Voting members consist of the following:

Name Local Government
Elizabeth Teague Town of Waynesville
Jerry Vehaun Town of Woodfin
John Dockendorf Village of Flat Rock
Brian Burgess Town of Mills River
Josh O’Conner Buncombe County
Julie Mayfield City of Asheville
Matt Champion City of Hendersonville
SPOT Prioritization 4.0

SPOT Prioritization is the process used to identify the best projects for addition into the TIP/STIP.  SPOT 4.0 will result in the 2018-2023 STIP/TIP which will be out for review and adoption in 2017.

UPDATED FBRMPO SPOT 4.0 Prioritization Methodology

FBRMPO SPOT 4.0 Prioritization Project List (with updates adopted by the MPO Board November 19, 2015)

SPOT Prioritization 3.0
Prioritization Subcommittee Schedule for 2016


A presentation on Land Use and the Congestion Management Process was given by MPO staff on October 10, 2017.

2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013
01/09/18 Minutes 01/10/17 Canceled 01/28/16     Minutes 
 01/15/15  Agenda /no quorum 01/23/14 Minutes 08/22/13 Minutes
02/06/18  Minutes 02/07/17 Minutes 02/25/16


 03/05/15 Minutes 02/27/14 Minutes 09/26/13 Minutes
03 /06/18 Canceled 03/07/17 Canceled 03/24/16 cancelled  03/26/15 canceled 03/27/14 Minutes 10/31/13 Minutes
04/10/18 Minutes 04/11/17 Minutes 04/28/16


04/23/15 canceled 04/24/14 Minutes 11/21/13 Minutes
05/08/18 Minutes 05/09/17  Canceled  05/26/16 Minutes 05/28/15 Minutes 08/28/14 Minutes 12/19/13 Minutes
06/12/18 Minutes 06/06/17 Minutes 06/23/16 Minutes 06/25/15 canceled 09/25/14 canceled      
08/07/18 Agenda 08/08/17 Minutes 08/25/16 Minutes  08/11/15 Agenda / no quorum 10/11/14 canceled  
09/12/17  Canceled  09/22/16 Minutes  09/24/15 canceled  12/11/14 Agenda    
10/10/17 Minutes  10/27/16 Minutes 10/29/15 Minutes        
11/07/17 Minutes 11/15/16  Minutes   11/19/15 Minutes        
12/12/17 Minutes  12/18/15 Minutes