Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP)

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MTP Cover2The Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP, previously known as LRTP) looks 25 years into the future. It forecasts changes in the region and seeks to identify transportation improvements needed to keep travelers and good moving smoothly and how to pay for those improvements.

MTP 2045 development kicked off in October 2018. The document will be adopted by the Board in the Fall of 2020. There will be plenty of public engagement throughout the process. Please use the signup form in the dropdown below to join the mailing list.





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MTP 2040 was originally adopted on September 24, 2015. On May 24, 2018, the French Broad River MPO adopted a number of amendments to the MTP 2040 Plan to bring the MTP into compliance with the FAST Act and to amend the fiscal forecast and project list based on changes made to North Carolina transportation funding policies and additional proposed projects in the MPO Planning Area. The amendments are listed below.

*Project map: see an interactive map of MTP 2040 highway and bicycle and pedestrian projects here (includes projects added as part of May 2018 amendments).

MTP 2040 Amendments Adopted 5/24/2018

MTP 2040 Amendments Adopted 5/26/2016

Additional Projects and Project Modifications

MTP 2040 Adopted 9/24/2015

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