Board and TCC

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The work of the French Broad River MPO is guided by two committees: the Technical Coordinating Committee (TCC) and the MPO Board, previously known as Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC). Email for the latest roster.

The members of the Board are elected officials from each of the 21 local governments, and representatives from the NCDOT Board of Transportation. The structure of the MPO is formalized in a Memorandum of Understanding, which is signed by each of the MPO’s 21 member governments, the North Carolina Department of Transportation, and Land-of-Sky Regional Council, which serves as the Lead Planning Agency for the MPO. The Board is responsible for final approval of the Long Range Transportation Plan, the Metropolitan Transportation Improvement Program, the Priority Needs List, and the Unified Planning Work Program. The Board also serves as a forum for public input.   ByLaws.

The members of the Technical Coordinating Committee (TCC) are staff representatives from the 21 local governments, staff from the North Carolina Department of Transportation, and representatives of other local transportation and planning agencies.  The TCC does not take final action. The committee makes recommendations to the Board.

Below you will find links to agendas and minutes for both the Technical Coordinating Committee and the Board for the current year.  For prior years, see the Minutes Archive page. All meetings are open to the public and the public is encouraged to attend.  For documents not listed, please send your request to


TCC Board
01/12/2017   Agenda / Minutes   01/26/17   Agenda / Minutes
02/09/17 Agenda / Minutes 02/23/17 Agenda / Minutes
03/09/17   Agenda / Minutes 03/23/17   Agenda / Minutes
05/11/17   Agenda / Minutes   05/25/17   Agenda / Minutes  
06/08/17  Meetings Cancelled 06/22/17  Meetings Cancelled
08/10/17   Agenda / Minutes 08/24/17   Agenda / Minutes  
09/14/17   Agenda / Minutes   09/28/17 Agenda /  Minutes 
10/12/17   Meetings Cancelled 10/26/17   Meetings Cancelled 
11/16/17   Agenda  /  Minutes ……….. 11/16/17   Agenda  /  Minutes
……………………….. ………………………..